Does Social Media Compare To Active Selling?

Every week I hear someone comment that social media is nothing more than people endlessly commenting on the minutiae of their lives. Do we need to know what people had for lunch?


Or do we?

I may not care if you are having lunch at the local pub or McDonald’s but you can bet that McDonald does!

Social media does provide a window into the personal and business lives of other people. Sure, social media can be used as a one-way flow of my activity and my opinions pushed out into the world – but that is not what happens. We may begin that way but quickly we begin to connect and engage with others – to become social.

I am connected through Facebook to my friends but I can also connect and follow brands and businesses.

Top Shop the UK clothing retailer has 3,784,782 likes on its Facebook page (16/05/14) and that is a very serious opportunity to market and engage directly with almost 2 million buyers and potential buyers.  Just go back and read that number again! This is big!

You may think that social media is all about teens and shopping but it is much more than that.  The largest demographic for social media sites is women between the ages of 34 and 54 and this group is responsible for or influencing a very large amount of purchases in all sectors.

Social media is really only a few years old – the first Tweet was sent Mar 21st, 2006 but since then Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have grown exponentially. The rate of change and the mass of connections means that we now have an opportunity to connect and engage with a huge portion of our target market. Social media has presented business with the opportunity to truly build relationships with prospective and existing customers and guess what – that is selling!

Social Media done right (and few company do this right) can work together with your sales efforts to generate leads, manage customer expectations and build relationships – this is powerful stuff!

Social media is also changing extremely fast – new tools and options are appearing weekly and because of the hundreds of millions of connections already established if something is hot it can effective the social media world within weeks!

The world has never been so fast and this means that the opportunity for your business is today! Now! Get involved today, ahead of your competitors!  Don’t wait and see! If you wait it will be too late for you to catch up!

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