Sales Course – Destroy Price Objections


Destroy Price Objections

In my 25 years of selling I have made 31,874 sales pitches. I know this because my very first sales manager, Andrew Lawson, insisted that I take simple notes on every sales call and keep them in a hard cover notebook. Andrew told me that if I didn’t take notes I wouldn’t remember promises made and problems uncovered and if I didn’t remember this how could I get better. There was no cheating because when he made his territory visits he expected to see my notes.

I worked for Andy for five years but kept this habit my entire business career and continue to take notes today and I use these notes to get better. These hard cover notebooks (53 in total) document my lifetime of selling. Even today these notes allow me to clearly remember every sales call – who I met, what I was selling, what objections I faced, what I did right and what I could have done better.

The most common objection has always been price. 

This has been the same during recessions and during boom times! Price is the most common price objection! My notes have delivered one more amazing bit of information. Customers who complained most about pricing often did not buy no-matter what discount was offered. My experience has taught me that customers that complained most about price didn’t buy even when their price demands were met. The other thing that my sales notes demonstrated was that whether I stood my ground on price or offered a discount that my closing rate remained about the same! Dropping price, in fact, had no measurable impact on sales results – lowering price did not get me more sales but only lowered profitability.

Studies have demonstrated that the key-buying factor is perceived value NOT price!

Supermarkets have learned this trick! Carefully look at end-isle promotions and you will learn that special offers often offer no price discount at all. Supermarkets know that simply drawing focus to a product is enough to boost sales without dropping pricing at all!

Enthusiasm sells faster and more effectively than any price discount!

When a customer asks about price or complains about price what they are really saying is they don’t understand the value of your offer! Perceived value is what customers buy NOT price! 

Where the value is clear the decision is easy!

The solution to selling against price objections is NOT about discounting but about helping the customer understand the value!

This program will teach you:

  • How to sell value
  • When to present price
  • How to transfer enthusiasm
  • How to uncover your product’s hidden value
  • How to control the customer conversation
  • How to destroy price objections before they are raised
  • How to sell value in difficult economies


  • The 21 best strategies ever conceived to quickly address, reverse and destroy price objections. 

When you complete and master this program you will have the tools you need to confidently get the best possible price for your product or service!

This self-study program consists of a work-book and a full matching audio program in which I will personally coach you to master the price objection. You can listen to this program on any computer, MP3 player or Smartphone so that you can study while you travel to work!

The result will be: 

  • More sales
  • Happier customers
  • More perceived value
  • Higher margins
  • Better customer relationship
  • Better career opportunities 

Once you master this program you will gain more confidence in your selling and look forward to closing knowing that you have presented your offer in terms that deliver real value to your customers. After all, nobody really wants the cheapest of anything – we want the best value!

You will receive a PDF work-book plus a matching audio program MP3 via email. Once your payment is received please allow up to 48 hours for delivery of your program.