How to increase confidence

Have you ever noticed how some people are just more confident than others? I can write for thousands of pages about why some people are more confident than others but that does not really address the issue of how we develop confidence in our own lives. How do we face speaking to a large group or presenting to important customers or simply dealing with the ups and downs that every day sends to us, without wilting and fading?

I have done a great deal of thinking and reading on this subject because I wasn’t born with the kind of self confidence that allowed me to fearlessly face everything that came my way and I wanted that to change.

In order for our sales and business to grow, we must face situations that we have never faced before. To do this with success, we need to have confidence in our businesses and ourselves.

So, how do we increase our confidence?

My belief is that we can increase our confidence by doing something that we have never done before. Stretching ourselves provides awareness of our true strengths, which are much deeper than any of us imagine.

Challenging ourselves in any area of life will act to increase our confidence. Run a marathon or a triathlon. Take up public speaking (join Toastmasters) or anything else you have never done before. Start with something small and work towards something bigger.

The key is to do these things outside of your professional life where the risk is small. As your successes mount up, your self-confidence will grow and grow until you find that you are more confident in all areas of your life. You will find that you begin to take risks that you wouldn’t have done in the past and that many of those risks have paid off.

If you continue this process you will find that you create an upward spiral in your life of risk taking and success that builds self-confidence and inspires more risk taking and more successes.

As the spiral goes higher and higher, your world will change and you will find that you will benefit in many ways that you never thought possible.