Win Every Sale Every Time

This is really the holy grail of selling – how to consistently close, all day, everyday.

Is it possible?

Yes, it is and I have done it! It is ‘selling in the zone’ and this is how it is done!

Know your product and industry. This is key! Learn everything about your product, features, benefits, pricing, competition, quality, faults, everything! Know your stuff, inside out and backwards, plus know the competition. This will give you the tools to effectively present to the client and easily overcome any objection. Develop a compelling presentation and learn to deliver it with powerful enthusiasm! Get good!

Your knowledge will convince the prospect’s intellect.

Your enthusiasm will win the prospect’s emotions.

Know your customer. Take the time to identify clearly who is your customer. Don’t make the mistake of trying to sell to people who will never buy just because they are willing to speak to you. This is a common mistake of salespeople because it checks the activity box. Selling is getting what you want by helping other people get what they want. If they don’t want it then move on – do your homework so you never pitch where you’re not wanted! Your marketing should only be attracting the right prospect and your lead generation should do the same.

Develop a compelling message that will strike at the heart of your prospect’s needs. I have written hundreds of articles and some headlines grab attention. I have done the same with product and service pitches. Your pitch must grab the attention of your prospect. One of my favorite expressions in sales is ‘the customer writes the pitch’ this means that the pitch evolves based on prospect response. The pitch isn’t what interests you. Forget your needs! It is about them! Listen and watch as you pitch – evolve and sharpen your pitch every time.

Make it impossible for them to say no! If you have the right prospect and they want and need what you are selling then craft an offer they cannot refuse. Look at the price; develop creative offerings, volume discounts, and guarantees, whatever it takes to fully capture the imagination of the buyer. Make it as easy as possible while still making money. Most businesses miss the point that a sale can be crafted many ways. Think about the mobile phone you get for free! We all know nothing is free but we have all taken these deals – could your offer be crafted this way?

So here it is!

1) You know your stuff – so that nobody knows better than you!

2) You know your customer so that you only to pitch to real prospects.

3) Refine a compelling message that captures the imagination of the prospect. This is not easy but get it right.

4) Craft the best, profitable, offer – make it very, very easy to buy!

5) Always maintain a clear vision in your own mind that every prospect will buy!

6) Pitch and close with tremendous enthusiasm and complete conviction – no doubts!

That’s it! Go sell something!

Three mistakes that will kill the sale! Lots of people think that all salespeople do is talk, if you have tried your hand at selling then you know that this is not true. Selling is a skill that few can manage effectively. Most salespeople are order takers – which is still work – but without the rewards granted to those who understand the art of the sale.

Selling at the top level takes drive, focus and a keen sense of strategy.

What are the three mistakes that will kill the sale?

1) Don’t Engage

Sure, most salespeople are good talkers but that alone won’t get the sale. It is about engagement and that is much more about listening than speaking. Find some common ground (sports, travel, children) and connect on a human level first. Don’t overdo it – getting too personal will hurt your efforts – but show a dash of interest in the human in front of you. Generally, you should not be speaking more than twenty-five percent of the time. Listen carefully because if you let people speak they will give you important clues to what is important to them. Listen to engage!

 2) Miss the pain

Everyone has pain and if you miss this you are missing a big one! When you let people talk about their business and if you listen carefully you will find the pain in their business. Perhaps it is frustration with cash flow, employees, suppliers or they are simply tired. Find that pain and you will find an important key to connecting with your buyer. The pain does not have to be directly related to your offering but understanding what is important to the buyer will allow your to present your offering in a manner that will connect with them. Find the pain!

3) Take your eyes off the prize

Whatever your reasons for being there – to request a meeting, book a presentation or to get the order – stay focused on making that happen. Before you get in front of the buyer, whether in person or on the telephone, know what your goal is and make the achievement of that goal crystal clear in your mind. Visualize it happening just before your meeting and stay focused on that outcome throughout.

Most sales are lost long before the pitch – don’t let that happen to you!

Take Away – Always be selling and use all of your positive personal power to get the result you need. Don’t let doubts and fears get in the way – they are not real anyway. Life, is a state of mind!