Build loyalty for your company

Do you really know how your clients feel about your product or service? Have you asked them? Most businesses do not!

Recently I presented The Sales Development Workshop. I thought it went very well but  as certain as possible I designed a simple on-line survey. I used a service called Survey Monkey. The basic service is free. I sent a thank you email to each person who attended with a request to fill out a confidential online survey. The survey I designed had eight multiple-choice questions and could be completed in two or three minutes. About twenty-five percent of the attendees completed the survey within the first few days.

The survey results supported my expectations that the vast majority of attendees enjoyed the Boot Camp and found it a good investment. I also received some valuable feedback regarding the venue and how the content could be adjust of more value.

Feedback is the best way for us to improve!

In sales, the feedback is instant – we either get the order or we don’t. Feedback complete! Well, perhaps not. Why not use online surveys to gain important feedback regarding sales performance? So much of sales success is unknown. We know we got the sale or lost the sale but we don’t often know why!

Prospects – consider adding a link to a confidential survey in your follow-up emails to determine if the prospect has any feedback regarding the sales process. Often a tremendous amount of energy is placed into a sales process that has inherent flaws. Perhaps pricing, financing or delivery options could be adjusted.

New Customers – I have been selling long enough to know that on occasion we get new customers because of our product or location but who are frustrated by us from day one! Perhaps the salesperson in that territory just does not click with the customer, or our shipping policies are frustrating the sales process.

There are dozens of ways we can go wrong with a portion of our customers while the majority remain happy. Providing new clients with an opportunity to air their frustrations confidentially at the beginning of a relationship can help us resolve issues before we lose clients. With the tremendous investment in securing new clients, it is important to manage the process before disappointment sets in!

Past Customers – Face it, we all lose customers! If we can prevent some of that loss by providing customers with an opportunity for clients to express disappointment we can substantially increase our customer count and lower our sales costs. Once a customer has decided to shift to another company, feedback as to why they stopped doing business with us is valuable information!

Services – Are you considering adding a new service or product? Why not ask your customers what they think first? Customers are often frustrated that suppliers add new products or services in formats or with options that make an otherwise valuable addition worthless.

Ask first!

Internal services – For many of us, our clients are co-workers. Perhaps we work in the marketing department which provides services to sales or manufacturing for a finished product that must be sold, shipped, marketed and invoiced. Internal politics can make honest and open communication uncertain. Confidential surveys may identify issues that can minimize problems.

Employee satisfaction – Are your employees happy? Well, nobody is complaining so they must be happy, right? No! People are often afraid to complain. They just leave. The cost of employee turnover can seriously affect a company’s profitability. Providing a regular opportunity for employees to anonymously comment can provide management with an opportunity to fix problems!

Want to know what is going on? Ask!

Think about it!

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