Build an All Star Sales Team

What does  it takes to create an all-star team from scratch? Not an easy task but possible with focus and determination.

Selling is a process like any other and can be systemized and perfected. To create a perfect sales system you need only search for quality people and fully support them with quality tools.

Large well established companies rarely hire experienced salespeople from within their industry. Instead they hire salespeople, often with no sales experience, but with tremendous sales potential. They train, support, mentor and build each new hire to become a star salesperson.

How is this done?

Step one

Hire right! Many companies will hire fresh university graduates looking for individuals that have proven themselves as consistent high achievers and go-getters. It is important to look carefully and not just accept when someone tells you that they are ready to do whatever it takes to succeed. Have they succeed before in other areas of their life? Does their family background suggest that their parents worked hard for success and instilled this value in their children? Have they been involved in their school and community? Do they have a track record of a high-energy life – setting goals and reaching goals?

If you hire someone with experience make sure that they have not developed too many bad habits or have become jaded through bad experiences.

It is almost impossible to change a person’s attitude in a work environment and is rarely worth the investment. Hire the best to start with and build on that quality.

We have all heard the when building a wardrobe or furnishing a home it is best to purchase quality, classic pieces, take care of them and slowly build a collection. Employees are no different.

Step two

Train, train, train and support, support, support. Many promising young salespeople are hired and then delegated to the grunt work of the sales world – cold calls! This is the fastest way to ruin a salesperson and extinguish their fire for sales. Don’t do it! Your marketing systems should deliver qualified leads for your salespeople to chase!

Step three

Positively reinforce sales performance by conducting regular formal reviews and assisting your staff to set both career and personal improvement goals.

Build a strong team with regular team events and programs designed to build positive competition and encourage above average sales growth.

Is it that simple? Well yes, and no! Building an all star team is about the simple things – quality, respect and investing in the future!

Think about it!

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