Are you pilgrim or a tourist?

Are you a pilgrim or a tourist?

This question was the theme of a Catholic singles weekend retreat that I attended more than twenty-five years ago. The weekend was held at a beautiful inner-city convent that had once been the home of a lumber Barron – an amazing place to spend a weekend of contemplating life. At the reservation desk was Sister Mary Louise ( who knew me better than I thought) and when she saw me said, “Oh Wyn, you’re such a tourist!”


It was true, although raised in a deeply Catholic family, my faith never went beyond the pomp and ceremony of the Catholic ritual.

This lack of full engagement was not just part of my spiritual life. Honestly, no area of my life held my deep commitment. The result has been that most of my life lacked the depth that leads to deep and sustained success. To truly achieve anything we need full commitment and being ‘just a tourist’ doesn’t cut the mustard.

When we lack commitment in one area of life we also tend to lack commitment in all areas and this can really hold us back from significant achievement.

In fact, it is impossible!

More recently, I have understood the value of being fully committed to an idea and a purpose and the change in my life has been dramatic. Like a wild-fire, the deepest most complete commitment for one area of my life has led to deep commitments for every area of my life. I can say that I have finally understood the power of living in the moment and the total power of purpose that comes with complete commitment. Living one hundred percent on purpose is a powerful change that makes life very simple!

Think about this!

Do you ever struggle with breathing? I mean, does it ever seem too much work and not worth the effort?

Of course not!

Without breathe we are dead and so our commitment to breathing is total and complete.

We don’t think about it!

The same can be true for any area of our life – business, education, fitness, family, relationships – all of it! Question your level of commitment and find reasons to become as fully committed to one area of your life as you are to breathing and an amazing process will follow!  It will become a habit and you will soon find that you have complete commitment for every area of your life. Those areas that are not important and for which you cannot develop full commitment you will let go!

Why would you bother?

The result will be a powerful, happy, passionate life where you are fully committed to every thing you do and fully present for every activity! Work become easy, challenges become assumptions and life becomes a joy!


You bet it is!

Are you a pilgrim or a tourist?