This is a free gift for you!

This present is the greatest gift, the greatest gift you can give your customer, the important people in your life and even yourself!

You already have the gift!

Do you share these experiences?

• We are sitting in a meeting with a client discussing a potential sale and our mind drifts to the dinner party we had last night.

• We are talking to an important customer on the phone while reading our email.

• We are involved in a discussion and while the other person is talking, we are thinking about what we are going to say next.

• We know that we need to begin to an important project but we keep thinking about why it is important and can’t start.

• We spend so much time worrying about cash flow that we cannot get down to building sales and solving the cash flow problem.

Does any of this sound like you or someone on your team?

It is a fact that we cannot think of two things at once. So-called multi-tasking is simply the process of quickly shifting our thoughts from one issue to another and back again. When this is done, focus is lost and when focus is lost our effectiveness is lessened.

The power of working in the present is truly enormous and can quickly improve results. I have witnessed many salespeople who finish their client’s sentences or interrupt their clients before they finish speaking. This is a sure sign that they are not focusing on the present and that their thoughts have already shifted to where they want to take the conversation next.

Have you ever had the experience of someone who listened to your words with complete attention? Actually, it is extremely unusual. When someone listens completely to our words, focusing wholly on our thoughts and carefully digesting our ideas, it actually makes us feel very special.

The present is a powerful key to unlocking our potential and to gaining the trust and respect of those around us. Focusing on the present not only improves sales results dramatically it can also improve almost every area of life.


Being in the present improves the quality of communication tremendously. When we focus on every aspect of the person who is speaking to us we understand them at a deeper level.

Understanding someone is essential to the development of strong relationships, which can be the foundation of a powerful association. Too often we rush through conversations and gain little or nothing from the exchange.


Many businesses take forever to accomplish things and often the reason for this procrastination is the inability to focus on a problem or task long enough to complete it.

We are often like kittens quickly distracted by everything around us, forgetting the very important tasks at hand. Even little things go unfinished. Prospects are left without follow-up, plans are never completed and promises are left undone, all because we cannot remain in the present long enough to finish even the smallest of tasks.


The ability to be in the present gives us tremendous influence over people. When people sense that we are completely present they see us very differently. When people feel totally accepted and heard, they respond by opening up to our ideas and thoughts. By listening completely and being one hundred percent in the present we dramatically improve our influence.


Most businesses that provide a product or service fail in quality not because they are unable to provide quality but because they do not focus and are not present when providing the service or making the product.

Our minds are powerful but when we let our minds wander we do our customers and ourselves a disservice. When we don’t focus mistakes happen and quality suffers.


I can get more done in one hour of focused activity than a whole day of unfocused time. When my mind is not in the present but rather thinking about what I did yesterday or last year or what I will be doing next week, productivity drops like a rock.

Try this

Spend five minutes a day counting your breaths. Prepare yourself by concentrating on the breath. When you feel calm and your breathing is steady, begin counting with “one” on the inhalation and “one” on the exhalation. Continue counting each in and out breath (two-two, three-three), breathing at your natural rhythm. When your thoughts wander, return awareness to your breath and start counting with “one” again.

Remember not to become impatient or judgmental when your attention wanders. Everyday watch as your ability to focus grows and you reach higher and higher numbers. When you have mastered your way to the number fifty your focus and ability to be in the present will be greatly improved.

I time, you will notice the difference in your personal performance – it may be dramatic!

Consider meditation and active listening programs for your team as part of employee training. More focus builds better results! Develop written plans and evaluations for all employees to help them find their focus within your organization.

Give yourself a present and live in the moment!

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